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Cocoon House

Home to the Cocoon Salon of Art, Wine & Design

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Cocoon House

Auckland’s number 1 private events space. Cocoon House offers nothing but Kiwi hospitality at its finest, international luxury, curated rooms filled with handcrafted furniture, stunning interior design, renowned art pieces, and last but not the lease, home to the historic Jiangan Tea Ceremony from ancient China.

Cocoon House caters to all sorts of events from cocktail parties all the way to exclusive business meetings. All spaces are designed by the best selection of decorations inspired and produced by some of the greatest artists from different generations.


We worked alongside Rosa Tan, owner of Cocoon House in building the brand from scratch. We started marketing through Instagram by posting photos of the curated space to give the target audience a glimpse of the house.

It was a big challenge to gain engagement online especially to start on a social media platform with no existing website nor any marketing campaigns. However, with Tan's connection, colleagues and friends, the account got quite the followers and a lot of engagement on the first couple of weeks.

The next thing to do now is to integrate Cocoon House online and to come up a consistent marketing strategy to attract new members and retain the regular ones.